Complete Pediatrics


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

We work with our patients, families and the school system to manage ADD / ADHD. We offer screenings and consultations, and will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan.


Antibiotic Use

We believe in the judicial use of antibiotics for bacterial infections. We do not routinely prescribe antibiotics over the phone since over 80% of childhood illnesses are due to viral causes. The over use of antibiotics for viral illnesses has created a number of resistant bacterial strains that are becoming more difficult to treat. In addition, we expose our children to the potential side effects of rash, diarrhea, abdominal pain or even much more serious conditions when we unnecessarily prescribe antibiotics.



We provide acute care and regular follow up for our asthmatic patients. We believe that understanding how your prescribed medicines work, identifying and avoiding triggers, and knowing how to use your personalized Asthma Action Plan are key to managing asthma. In developmentally appropriate children, usually ages 6 and up, we have the in-office capability of monitoring and assessing asthma control by noninvasively measuring the exhaled FeNO (fractional nitric oxide concentration).


Concussion Management

Concussions are a common injury sustained during sports and recreational activities for many young athletes. Head injuries can cause mild neurologic impairment to significant brain injury. We offer medical evaluations for children with known or suspected head injuries, standardized concussion testing and development of "return to learn/play" plans.


Ear Piercing

Linda Jacobson, APRN, is able to do in-office ear piercings for children aged 2-6 months, as well as those 10 years of age and older. This age differential was chosen out of concern for patient safety and because of the need to obtain symmetry in piercing. We are able to easily restrain smaller children, while those patients 10 years and older can sit quietly on their own. This service is not covered by your insurance carrier. Payment is due at the time of service. Please call our office for more information.


Flu Clinic

Each year, from mid-September through December, we set aside an office room 1-2 mornings/afternoons per week to vaccinate our patients against the Influenza virus. The clinic is run by one of our office nurses. Thus, if your child simply receives the vaccine, and is not seen by one of the clinicians, no co-pay is required at the time of service. We will bill your insurance company accordingly.



We follow and fully support the immunization recommendations and schedule published yearly by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics. There is an abundance of myths on the internet regarding vaccine safety. Vaccines save lives, from illnesses such as meningitis in the newborn period through cancer in adulthood.


Newborn Care

Coming home from the hospital with a newborn is both exciting and terrifying. We understand that having a baby is a life changing event, whether you are a first-time parent or welcoming another addition to your household. Family dynamics change every time a new person joins the family. We work diligently to make the transition to life at home with a newborn as seamless as possible. Most of our follow-up visits are scheduled within 24-48 hours of hospital discharge. For our breastfeeding mothers, Margaret Shea, APRN is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist who is available for in-office consultations.


Nutrition / Dietary Guidance

We provide nutritional guidance and support from the newborn period through young adulthood as a part of our routine Well Child Care. Additional support can be arranged, as needed, outside of these regularly scheduled visits.


Prenatal / Meet & Greet Visits

We offer a brief introductory meeting, free of charge, to families who would like to learn more about our practice. It provides us time to learn more about the families looking to transfer their child's primary care to our practice, or time to get to know parents who are just starting to build a family. Choosing a primary care provider who is in line with your child rearing beliefs is important. This brief meeting gives us both an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.


School Physicals & Well Child Care

Well Child Care during the first 3 years of life consists of visits every 2-6 months. We recommend yearly physicals for children 3 years of age and older. Our physicals include routine vision and hearing screens starting at 4 years of age, as well as vision photoscreening for infants and toddlers as young as 6 months of age. During these well visits we can also apply dental fluoride varnish to help protect the teeth of infants and toddlers.


Sick Child Visits

We provide same day acute care for our patients. Simply call and schedule an appointment for a same day evaluation. Our office is not a "walk-in clinic", so same day scheduled appointments are necessary in order to be seen. We do our best to run on time -- however, due to the nature of medicine, unforeseen emergencies come up now and then. We always appreciate the patience of our families who might have to wait, despite our best efforts to run on time.


Wart Treatment

We provide wart treatment for older children who are able to sit through the procedure. Wart treatment usually consists of 4-5 weekly visits during which we pare down the wart and freeze it. There may be a small amount if bleeding associated with this procedure.